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Make a Decorative Vase with Flowers

Please read instructions below carefully

Day 6 - Flower Vase Challenge

Day 6 - Flower Vase Challenge

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Build this model as creatively as possible. Make decorative flowers for this Flower Vase.

You will be judged based on these parameters:

1. Colorful Flower Vase - Colours used in making it

2. The shapes & colors of the flowers

3. Creativity & strength of the Flower Vase

4. Submit your completed challenge as a photo/video in the group.

All submissions before 5 PM. We will not consider any submissions after 

5 PM. The judge's decision will be final.

We will consider 3 winners from the group. All winners will get a special program voucher for Space Science Learning Club's - Tour of our Universe.

Be as creative as you can! If you have queries or not able to proceed further, feel free to ask us in the whatsapp group.