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Welcome to Challenge Day

Make a Decorative Vase with Flowers

Please read instructions below carefully

This channel is coming soon!

Build this model as creatively as possible. Make decorative flowers for this Flower Vase.

You will be judged based on these parameters:

1. Colorful Flower Vase - Colours used in making it

2. The shapes & colors of the flowers

3. Creativity & strength of the Flower Vase

4. Submit your completed challenge as a photo/video in the group.

All submissions before 5 PM. We will not consider any submissions after 

5 PM. The judge's decision will be final.

We will consider 3 winners from the group. All winners will get a special program voucher for Space Science Learning Club's - Tour of our Universe.

Be as creative as you can! If you have queries or not able to proceed further, feel free to ask us in the whatsapp group.

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